The past few weeks have been a reckoning in my identity as an Asian American woman.

I have always known racism and violence against people like me existed and have been a target myself, but it was easier before to presume negative events were the exception, not the norm, and get over it at an individual level with a hopeful mindset.

The killings in Atlanta and at home in the San Francisco Bay Area pushed me over the cliff of silence. I feel deep anguish in relating to the victims because they look like me and my family and were…

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

Reason ’em through your value

I recently led a salary negotiation workshop for a non-profit that empowers women to achieve economic independence. I felt exhilarated sharing what I’ve learned, especially when the attendees affirmed that I positively changed their mindsets.

With the goal of helping more people, I want to share my framework here. This framework has proven instrumental to my career success from my part-time jobs in high school through to my job today as a Chief of Staff, and has driven my friends and mentees to more success as well.

My framework applies:

  • Whether you’re looking for a job or want a raise…

Susanna Chan Schuffenhauer

Wife, Auntie, and Soon-to-be Mom. First Gen Chinese American and College Student. Reader and Helper. Nature Fan. Experimental Cook. Dog Mom. Chief of Staff.

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